Jul. 1st, 2010 10:07 pm
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Quick update. :D As of the 8th of July 2010, will finally get my degree! My second semester results came in on the 26th June:

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics: 59% (D'OH!)
Astrophysics: 65%

So erm... I actually bombed both exams rather badly, but in Astro other must have bombed worse than me for things to be weighted in my favour. Anyways! Regardless, I managed to obtain 71.[something]%, which is above the required 70% barrier needed for the classification of First. Sooooo... this means that I get MSci (1st Hons) Physics with Astrophysics.

AT LAAAAAAAAAAAASTTTTTTT~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪
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Exams are over!!!

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Apologies for neglect of all readers, replies, or comments until after the 26th of January. That is, assuming I have my laptop back by then (it's in the shop for a mend). Exams are looming - Lasers and Plasma physics, and I just don't have time. Sorry. (I also lack internet access)

I did manage to get in to uni early this morning to catch the House episode last night (6x11 'The Down Low'), so expect a squee-rant (it's both I tell you) sometime within the next couple of weeks.
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Apparently I don't get to go on the group tour to CERN because all places have been filled up (with some MATHS students, might I add), because I didn't put my name down for it in time, BECAUSE I didn't know it was going on, BECAUSE I didn't actually get the e-mail they apparently sent around to everyone asking for names.

I hate getting fucked over on the basis of human/computational error.
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MSci presentation on Wednesday afternoon. Assignment for Friday. Will catch up with f-list after everything is out of the way.

Apologies for necessary neglect until then!

Phoenix out.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:31 am
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The Phoenix has almost finished her MSci project!!! XDD *SQUEAL* <3
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Dear all,

F-list and public, especially everyone I owe massive replies to (including [ profile] bohemianbeauty and [ profile] geelady ), my sincere apologies for what must have, and still seem like a rude and abrupt absence. The situation is that about a fortnight before uni started up again, I had to knuckle down and get revising for back-to-term brain activation.
There goes the recreational reading time... )
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About to start final year project. D: D: D:!!!!!!!!

*bites fingernails* Wish me luck!

(@.X) *faints*
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Plasma jet hath broketh again! Dx

And yes, I know that grammar is awful - bear it, it's for comedic effect. Kinda like this one. (It's not meant to be offensive, honestly! I love Germany.)
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So we were testing the newly built plasma jet last Friday, which necessitated disconnecting the old jet head because there's only one power supply and gas line. The new jet head wouldn't work for some reason, so we had to stick the old one back on. Except the old one doesn't work either now because when we were unplugging it the first time, one of the copper wires that provided the voltage difference across the head broke. So there was some soldering on Friday as well and hunting for the correct type of wire, but still to no avail, because for some reason the Forward and Reflected powers are the same whenever you plug the old jet head in, when in fact Reflected power needs to be about 10% of the Forward to generate the plasma sheath.

Oh dear.

Well... let's see if we can at least get it working again today... I doubt there'll be much time for experimentation.


Mar. 31st, 2009 10:03 am
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Essay for Synoptic Physics class. Finished and proofed at 01.50 in the morning. Don't be surprised if there are a cacophony of mistakes in here...


Click here for essay )

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Quantum Mechanics and Relativity: 71%
Atomic and Molecular: 80%
Medical Physics: 72%

Whoot!! 8D
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C-programming section of Professional Skills module: 80%


And also, I'm still not used to the new timetable, thus as I am typing this I have 3 hours to kill from arriving too early. Silly me.
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It's oveeeeeeeeeeeeer~~~ @o@

No more exams..............!! *collapses*

Just got back home from Quantum Mechanics and Relativity - now to wait a few weeks and see how much I bungled up. ^^;;
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Blarghlksfla... This is the typed out version of a hand-written essay I wrote for Quantum Mechanics class at uni. Believe it or not, the hand-written version took less time. D8 I'm sticking this on because it will hopefully explain some very interesting aspects of Physics to you without going into too much lingo. That is, you can all impress your friends by understanding and being able to explain to them what that paradox of Schodinger's Cat really pertains to. :3


Click here for essay :) )
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This program, written in C, allows to to print π to however many decimal places you want and also tells you at the end the computing time.

The original source code was gleaned from the following link (piclassic.c), and was written by Pascal Sebah.

The algorithm coding plus notations as to the improvements made )
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Professional Skills class. Yei. Mini-talk presentation in 2 weeks time. Yei. Has to be about something Physics-y. Yei. I was going to blather about the LHC but since that's a big topic I should leave that for the main talk in a couple months time. Yei. Being stuck for ideas, L'Arc came to the rescue once again (yei) when I picked the SONY NSA-PF1 instead because it's both cool and Physics-y because of the no-destructive-interference thingy. Yei.

The specs are NOT on the English website because this baby is NOT getting a UK release and diagrams being diagrams means I cannot even Google Translate them. NAY DD8

I guess this means more working out for my trusty NDS dictionary. Wh00t. (Assuming all the technical words are there anyways @___@;; )

I also didn't drive very well today, so well just leave it at that even though nothing happened 8D;;
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Alas! That my lecturers have discovered my propensity to bestow names upon inanimate objects that are neither the epic big-ness of ships nor the image of them.
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I just found out that I am one of only nine students taking the Masters degree in the entire third-year Physics department. And at least two aren't Astrophysics.

It made for a very sparse lecture theatre during Professional Skills, which is a class only MSci students take.

In other news I just discovered my favourite character in D.Gray Man shares the same birthday as me. Woohoo! :D
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