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Is anyone out there on my f-list besides [ profile] liyosa doing this meme? If so, tell me so I can stalk you. :)

Day 04 - A song that makes you sad )
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My love of Final Fantasy and live classical music all rolled into one. (*__*)

I just discovered these guys and I love them already.

Some more songs here, not all Final Fantasy but wonderful nevertheless. )
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Crisis Crore PSP Lite
Originally uploaded by Dawn Phoenix
My Limited Edition Crisis Core PSP Lite. 8D~~~~

My baby........ My preciousssssssssss....... *cradles*

Currently I am addicted to playing both 'FFVII: Crisis Core' and 'Monster Hunter Freedom'. And changing my backgrounds and all that stuff... >_>
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Wow. (O.O)

My piano-aspirations are to be able to play Tatakau Monotachi like this one day. Right now, this song is so difficult I can't even get the opening bars down right before my hands (and right foot) start spasming in abject terror. ^^;;
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I read this and spazzed out. Please note that the words in teal are highlighted by myself to draw attention to parts which were of particular interest to myself.

EDGE: "How do you consider that Versus XIII can offer this counterpoint to the Final Fantasy series?"
Tetsuya Nomura: "The stories from the past entries in the Final Fantasy series are not exactly as I would have done, but that's as it should be because I didn't direct them. My only concern in terms of Versus XIII is that FF always talks about human emotion and psychologies in a broad way, and I want to go deeper in terms of human emotion or human behaviour. The goal, when a player holds a controller and plays an RPG, is to make them believe in another world - to experience a dream in a fictional world. It will be different in Versus XIII because of the intrusion of the real world, and things that are really happening. There will be less fiction and more reality."

EDGE: "Those previous projects as director were the Kingdom Hearts games, which are much lighter than what we know of Versus XIII. Is the darker concept you have outlined a necessary change for you as director?"
Tetsuya Nomura: "The world of Versus XIII might be a little closer to my personal taste than Kingdom Hearts, but the entire project owes something to Kingdom Hearts as well. When I first began KH I was part of the FF core team, and tried to bring elements of that into the development. The KH team was always inspired by FF, and I'd like to see that reversed. But as for the differences between KH and FF, KH is a lighter world of magic, fantasy, and people doing good things. I've been in that world for a very long time - perhaps too long."

- Excerpt taken from EDGE magazine.


I cannot WAIT for this bloody (kinda literal) game.

For Nanani

Jan. 31st, 2008 11:50 am
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Finally, I have it in high res. ^__^

Student Number 7269: Nanani
by ~Kadaj-Souba on deviantART

Still working on your outfit. XD But enjoy!
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Omega Weapon in FFVIII just defeated me in 3 mins flat... T__T

And my Squall is level 100 but has only 3500 HP. T______T

Oh GOD I need help.


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