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Is anyone out there on my f-list besides [ profile] liyosa doing this meme? If so, tell me so I can stalk you. :)

Day 04 - A song that makes you sad )
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Gotta promote bands from my own country every now and again. :) Behold, BELL X1. Saw them live once. I TRIED TO INCONSPICUOUSLY HIDE IN A CORNER TO STIFLE MY WEEPING (they were playing in our Student's Union).

Eve, the Apple of My Eye Lyrics )
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(;__;) Song makes me inexplicably cry.

On Saturday Afternoons in 1963 Lyrics )
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My love of Final Fantasy and live classical music all rolled into one. (*__*)

I just discovered these guys and I love them already.

Some more songs here, not all Final Fantasy but wonderful nevertheless. )
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I used to be addicted to this song.

Drops of Jupiter Lyrics )
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I just caught a new music video from Will Young on Channel 4 as I was doing my Lasers and Plasmas homework (could have been the premier according to the internet).

For those who don't know who Will Young,  there is one song I adore from him called Your Game.

Not sure why I adore it so much, but it has something to do with the sweeping grandiose Broadway nature of the melody and music video.

His newest one, entitled Hopes & Fears, has him playing a pregnant man, wherein he also proceeds to go emo watching films whilst eating a tub of ice-cream. :D I kinda liked it.

Argh. Back to homework.
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Pimping this awesome song is all.

Viva La Vida Lyrics )
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It's the 21st here in the UK already so... technically House starts again today!!! 8DD YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

Let the House/Wilson commence. 

In other news, I was just randomly reminiscing to myself today about Germany, and I had this sudden flashback of myself and Din BB sitting in her car, barrelling down the Dortmund countryside and belting out the VAMPS rendition of Life on Mars at the top of our lungs... Which led to INTERWEBZ and looking it up on Youtube and listening to it...


It was even playing in my head when I fell asleep!

I blame DIN BB completely and utterly for this! *shakes fist* Because she was the one who introduced me to the song.

Din: You haven't listened to the new VAMPS album yet?
:  Nooo...
Din: !!!
Din: Well in that case you must hear it! *expertly manipulates iPod whist driving* Much better than expected! 8D

5 minutes later

Me:  *listening to Sweet Dreams* Ack, sheesh... Now I'm getting all weepy. <_<
Din: There, there... *pat pat* :3

10 minutes later


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Quick newsflash for f-list... XDDD

On Saturday I bought myself... er................

A Yamaha electric piano. :OO

I overshot my target price by 350GBP while at it too. ^^;;;;;
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Professional Skills class. Yei. Mini-talk presentation in 2 weeks time. Yei. Has to be about something Physics-y. Yei. I was going to blather about the LHC but since that's a big topic I should leave that for the main talk in a couple months time. Yei. Being stuck for ideas, L'Arc came to the rescue once again (yei) when I picked the SONY NSA-PF1 instead because it's both cool and Physics-y because of the no-destructive-interference thingy. Yei.

The specs are NOT on the English website because this baby is NOT getting a UK release and diagrams being diagrams means I cannot even Google Translate them. NAY DD8

I guess this means more working out for my trusty NDS dictionary. Wh00t. (Assuming all the technical words are there anyways @___@;; )

I also didn't drive very well today, so well just leave it at that even though nothing happened 8D;;
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Wow. (O.O)

My piano-aspirations are to be able to play Tatakau Monotachi like this one day. Right now, this song is so difficult I can't even get the opening bars down right before my hands (and right foot) start spasming in abject terror. ^^;;
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It's taken me a while and I apologise for that, but my 5 days in the city of Osaka honestly ranked among the best in my life and I did not want to take them lightly. In that short amount of time, Osaka managed to change my current target city from Tokyo to itself and took my heart hostage along the way. It doesn't seem inclined to release it anytime soon.

I met people. People whom until that moment I had only known on LJ. People whom I have a feeling will be intertwined with my life from now onwards and for the unforseeable future. People whom I would be honoured to call my friends, perhaps even family, and whom are as insane as me (and that's saying a lot). I finally met Nanani. Dearest Nanani, the only Chocobo capable of flight I know, and without whom this trip would not have been possible. Nanani who lent this Phoenix her nest for 5 days and whom bent backwards to show me a good time in her city. She succeeded beyond anything I could have hoped for.

But that's enough of the melodramatic twaddle. It's better to get straight to my memories of my stay in Osaka. Not much happened during the first day but it remains vivid nevertheless. It may be full of meaningless unimportant facts, but those are to me what made the trip so personal.

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Or someone that looked like him at any rate. XDDDDDD *is stoned to d34th*


Student's Union on Friday. Us enlightened physicists were putting our combined brain-powers to good use by having a match of Placemat Ping-Pong, when in walks who I swear was ken except twenty years younger. And DAMN was he hawt.

Course, everyone here knows I'm bi. :3 But I shall clarify for people here who do not know, that I tend to lean more towards heterosexuality. Regardless, "ken" had really good hair. 8DD

In other news, I'm presently surprised at how I never seem to be able to get used to the metallic tang that permeates the air every time I play bass for extended periods of time. The smell can be quite strong actually... and I walk away with the smell on my fingers. It lasts for hours if I don't wash my hands properly after I play bass. Oddly enough, if doesn't seem to occur around my friend's guitars. Hmm... a mystery.
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10042008(003) BASS!! 8DDD
Originally uploaded by Dawn Phoenix
Bwaahahahaha!!! I finally have my new oooneee~~!!! <3

It sounds goood. :3~ Much better than the old bust one. 8D
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Being a university student is TEH SUCK. :(

Oh no, not the higher education I get to be partake in. I like that - the qualifications will get me big money and a higher member of society... one day.

Just that blowing all CURRENT money on my education means that I can't afford to see Laruku WHILE THEY ARE IN EUROPE on the 9th May, nor will I be able to afford plane tickets over there to begin with.

And besides, May = University Exam Time. That means my face needs to be glued to relevant books and not salivating over other peoples' heads in awe.

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YAYYYYY!!! I shall abandon my usual facade to cheer maniacally that after the Christmas postal delays my AWAKE CD has finally arrived!

Fell asleep listening to it last night, and the night before, and the night before that... God how I love rechargable batteries.

That, and the fact that I seem to be addicted to Twinkle Twinkle. Couldn't believe ken wrote both the lyrics AND the music to that song. Not that I ever underappreciated him, I always believed he was an amazing composer and musician but this has really raised my perception of him.

Funny, when I first got my SMILE album I managed to guess who wrote what and who composed what 100% correct the first time round, including REVELATION. This time around...

But on the topic of amazing composers and unexpected songs... tetsu has to win it all for me with finale. That song has to take joint first for me along with Twinkle Twinkle. Not to mention his composing in Jiyuue no Shoutai... but I could go on forever (no exaggeration) about his composing skills, so I will just leave it at that before the keyboard of this computer starts smoking...

And rejoice!!! I HAVE FOUND MY HARMONICA AGAIN!! XD (thought I lost it... *exhales in relief*)
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