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Jul. 4th, 2012 06:40 pm
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Bloody hell.

Got triggered rather badly by a fanfic. Don't think the author meant to do it, but still. Sometimes reading mental breaking is much worse than forcible assault.
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Thesis defence/viva examination on 04-11-2011. Passed!

Informed that written exams in May were both passed with Distinction (though I screwed the second one, so that's a shock).

Thesis was a bit rushed, but still managed a Distinction there. All-in-all, I will receive:

MSc Radiation Biology (with Distinction)


I also won the Gray-something prize for the year, so dey givez me a 100GBP book token in da futur. :3 WOOPIEE!!!! \o/
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The Firebird. Mainly because it was my namesake.

This is the exact copy I still have. [Dorothy Aitchison (Author), Martin Aitchison (Illustrator)] For a children's fairytale book, the illustrations were amazing and really helped to bring everything to life.
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When the first student protest was due to happen, I had considered going. In fact, I had planned to make an appearance but declined only because I had class that day and my mentality was that I was not going to miss it considering I'd already paid for it. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't go. Missing the first protest meant that when the next one was announced I'd already made the firm decision not to attend.

Sheep )
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Oh, I love this turn of events.

Oh-ho, we're only hypothesizing raising fees to £5000/7000/9000 per year; just speculative ideas is all. We'll listen to the public, of course. Oh, look, a charity poll.

Charity research finds high impact of university costs, as college staff fear 'lost generation of learners'

A big rise in tuition fees would lead to a dramatic reduction in the number of teenagers aspiring to go to university, with those from poorer backgrounds the most likely to give up hope of getting a degree, research reveals today.

- Excerpt taken from the Guardian article, by Rachel Williams.

If fees were to rise to £7000, there would only be 45% of prospective students? Ah, of course we'll take that into account!

Oh whoopsie! We're planning to raise the tuition fees to £9000 per year. Can't be helped! :D

All that above was sarcasm by the way, encase you couldn't tell...
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"People often say, ‘Fans have got their knives out!’ They haven’t got any knives. I haven’t been stabbed. Nothing’s happened. It’s simply a few people typing. I’m glad they’re typing because they’re that involved. But if you can’t handle drama you shouldn’t watch it. Find something else. Go look at poetry. Poetry’s wonderful."

- Quote by RUSSEL T. DAVIS taken from an article by MICHAEL AUSIELLO.

I have some great respect for RTD for dreaming up Torchwood, and the characters, and the narrative from his imagination to begin with. I'm glad he didn't write the storyline just to comply with the wishes of fans, but there's a big difference between holding true to your vision and being downright disrespectful to those that do not agree with you. He's not walking the line very well at all.

That being said, his belittling and dismissal of the fans is terrible here because his comments imply that fans are disposable. In terms of viewership, and ones out of those that will abandon the show probably are, but that doesn't stop his replies from reeking with the obnoxiousness. In terms of viewship, people may indeed just be statistics, but certainly a show's fans and fanbase are made up of people whom have opinions and emotions.

What got to me most were actually his comments on gay rights. His comments about how, "They should simply grow up, do some research, and stop riding on a bandwagon that they actually don’t know anything about" is INCREDIBLY insulting. For one, he immediately assumes that the person/people who asked the question are ignorant of gay rights, thereby automatically making the assumption that they aren't part of the LGBT community themselves, and then proceeds on as if he were the be-all-and-end-all of LGBTS rights and/or activism.

One man's experiences does not the experience (or opinion) of an entire community make. The challenges still go on today, and there are many people who are very knowledgable on the subject. Perhaps there are other members of the LGBT community out there who also mourned the loss of Ianto, who decided to submit a few questions.
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Is anyone out there on my f-list besides [ profile] liyosa doing this meme? If so, tell me so I can stalk you. :)

Day 04 - A song that makes you sad )
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Do read this conversation if you bear any passing interest in cars. I'm sure you'll understand why I've disowned a friend of mine. :P I am by no means an expert, but I know enough to know when to start drooling.

Gorgeous beasts... )

In any case, this was the advert that first introduced me to my dream car. I SHALL HAVE YOU ONE DAAAAYYY~~~~~~ *RAISES FISTS TO THE SKY*


Jul. 1st, 2010 10:07 pm
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Quick update. :D As of the 8th of July 2010, will finally get my degree! My second semester results came in on the 26th June:

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics: 59% (D'OH!)
Astrophysics: 65%

So erm... I actually bombed both exams rather badly, but in Astro other must have bombed worse than me for things to be weighted in my favour. Anyways! Regardless, I managed to obtain 71.[something]%, which is above the required 70% barrier needed for the classification of First. Sooooo... this means that I get MSci (1st Hons) Physics with Astrophysics.

AT LAAAAAAAAAAAASTTTTTTT~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪
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Conservative and Lib. Dem. coalition? D8 My God it's like Darth Vader 'come to the dark side' or something.

It's like some sort of alternate reality, except not. D:
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I know it's a business world out there that I know little about, but it's still sad to see Google having to worry about losing all that revenue from doing something which is actually that first big but necessary step/stand.

It's been a long time coming.

Last month, Google said it no longer felt comfortable complying with [China's] demands that it censor Web content deemed objectionable by the communist rulers. On Monday, Google began sending Web searchers in mainland China from the China-based to, based in Hong Kong. The former British colony has an open Internet, and Google is not legally required to censor results there.

- Excerpt taken from a Yahoo article by MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Technology Writer.

Click above for the full article. And while it might be that China's Google users see little change after move, it was a hell of a first step. :3
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GAH OMG! 8DDD Robert Sean Leonard on my TV on Channel 5!! 8DD

WOOAAAAAHHH, SO YOUNG. (*___________*)

Michelle Pfeiffer's in here too...
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Gotta promote bands from my own country every now and again. :) Behold, BELL X1. Saw them live once. I TRIED TO INCONSPICUOUSLY HIDE IN A CORNER TO STIFLE MY WEEPING (they were playing in our Student's Union).

Eve, the Apple of My Eye Lyrics )
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Your result for The Steampunk Style Test...

The Aristocrat )

Your result for Test Who You Are in the Steampunk Ether City of Salmagundi...

Arcanist-Major Edmund Ras (the Sorcerer) )

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People who have not checked out the US version (I have indeed seen the original UK version, but I like the US one more) of Queer as Folk should to so. :) Immediately.

Those of a nervous disposition with regards to nekkid guys doing the dirty - with each other - should pass. ;DD

Random trivia: The title comes from the old saying from... northern England I think(?), which says, "There's naught as queer as folk," and basically means "PEOPLE ARE AS STRANGE AS FUCK AND THERE'S NOTHING MORE WEIRD THAN THE GUY STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU". 'Course whomsoever's standing next to you probably thinks the same thing. ;)
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