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For some odd reason, things haven't really been going my way for the past two days. I'm displaying all the symptoms of being stoned, but all caused by different things. For one thing, which grieves me greatly, food, my greatest love, has turned against me. DD8

Oh yeah. Also, continuing my outstanding record as the number one space cadet I know of, today I got on the wrong underground train three times. And yes, I knew where I was supposed to be going and how to get there on my own and also had done it MANY MANY MANY times before. Thank god it only charges you once you beep out of the transport areas. If it charged you per journey I would have been stranded. Dunno what happened to my mind, but it was very much vacant today.
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And what exactly did I ask for in the middle of a friggin' 5 Star buffet-restaurant instead of Kimchi?


Yes you read right. I said kimochi. In public. Surrounded by loads of really respectable businessmen - the type that you'd want to make a good impression in front of, not the asshole type. *thumbs up*

"Excuse me, can I get Kimochi except not spicy?"

Ughhhhhhhhhhhh..... (x__x)
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Forest of Indulgence, Floral Wonderland and Dreaming Star.

I mean, just look at them... Ice-cream cakes...

I HAVE TO WALK PAST THESE BABIES EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY STAY IN HK DDDD8!! How can I possibly resist THESE temptations?! T____T Someone halp me... I'm going to end up looking like a panda by the time I return to the UK. (T.T)


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