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Alas! That my lecturers have discovered my propensity to bestow names upon inanimate objects that are neither the epic big-ness of ships nor the image of them.
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Red VS. Blue rocks. XDDD

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Taking Black Jack to the vet today after a week of laboured breathing which I originally put down to the summer heat and sun, the consultant revealed that I had in fact, an asthmatic cat. :P She'd been wheezing the past week, which turns out to be a chest infection, brought on most likely BY the asthma.

Poor thing. I don't know why I find this so amusing. : ) Certainly I wouldn't enjoy asthma myself, and know it isn't pleasant - I myself have hayfever and the pollen levels have been high these past two weeks. Speaking of which...
Oddly enough this has, since our oh-so-insightful Valentines discussion of 'what would you do if a boy presented you with flowers?' (my answer was "sneeze"), led university friends to the conclusion that I "don't have a single romantic bone in my body". :D I don't see what my bones have to do with anything but...  XD LOL


Apr. 2nd, 2008 08:38 pm
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Who won LIFE game today in 25 years along with an excess of 10mill., an EXPENSIVE car and a MANSION (which no-one else got) because I skipped out on starting a family and focused on mah career and moneh, and still got enough life-points to win by LIVIN' IT??


Who won Cluedo today via skillz of deduction and more than a little use of mind games???


Moral of the story? You do not need to get married and start a family to pwnz in LIFE and in life. 8D

And using your intellect and playing your strong points is not cheating. Neither is exploiting the predictable regular human psyche to gain the desired reactions :3
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WTF? )
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So I had the opportunity to speak with a German aeronautical engineer. His name was Wolfgang, which was how the whole convo started; with me waltzing around the Bombardier hangars and hearing someone calling him. ("Wolfgang? Like, the same spelling as the composer?" "Uh-huh?" ":D")

Cue mass murdering of German grammer from yours truly )


Feb. 27th, 2008 11:24 am
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So apparantly a male friend of mine thinks that if guys could get pregnant, there wouldn't be half as much fuss or complaining about it as women do.


Friend: "Yeah. If guys had to have babies, we would get it done within six months flat. None of this nine months nonsense."
Me: "Six months? Wouldn't that be premature?"
Friend: "Nope. We'd just get everything done quicker. Full term. Six months. And not half as much complaining either."
Me: "I'm wondering how you would cope with the pain of labour and giving birth when guys act like they're dying every time they have the common cold."
Friend: "We don't complain half as much as you women!"
Me: "Only for certain things..." (facepalm) "Ignoring the rules of science--"
Friend: "This is a 'what if' discussion. In this discussion, guys can get pregnant."
Me: "I'm talking about the 'six months' thing, not the gender issue. What about back pain then? You'd have to suffer a bad back."
Friend: (pompously) "No problem. I can handle a bad back for a few weeks."
Me: "Months."
Friend: "No, if the term is only six months then I'd only suffer it for a few weeks."
Me: "You have to bloody WADDLE in order to walk during towards the end of your term."
Friend: "I can handle waddling."
Me: "You couldn't smoke..."
Friend: "I don't smoke anyway."
Me: (deliberately "forgetting" the six months thing) "You couldn't drink alcohol for nine months."
Friend: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (<-- completely forgot)

XDv I win.

And later:

Me: "It just came to me..."
Friend: (depressed) "What?"
Me: "You'd have to get pregnant in the first place. That means someone had to GET you pregnant."
Friend (<-- slightly homophobic): "..." (referring to conversation) "I brought this on myself..."

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LOL Physics jokes XD


We have no life. XD Speaking of which, has anyone been watching 'The Big Bang Theory'? Hilarious, if only because I sympathize with their dilemmas. Ehe... 8D
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"You will be sure of yourself as you set out on a sure path to glory."

... I like... XD

"A current project will soon bring you great recognition."

Hmm... Interesting.

And finally:

"A mistake by someone else will be used to your advantage."

Oh yeah~~ *rubs hands together* Let me REAP TEH BENEFITS BEBEEH~


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