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I know it's a business world out there that I know little about, but it's still sad to see Google having to worry about losing all that revenue from doing something which is actually that first big but necessary step/stand.

It's been a long time coming.

Last month, Google said it no longer felt comfortable complying with [China's] demands that it censor Web content deemed objectionable by the communist rulers. On Monday, Google began sending Web searchers in mainland China from the China-based to, based in Hong Kong. The former British colony has an open Internet, and Google is not legally required to censor results there.

- Excerpt taken from a Yahoo article by MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Technology Writer.

Click above for the full article. And while it might be that China's Google users see little change after move, it was a hell of a first step. :3
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Apologies for neglect of all readers, replies, or comments until after the 26th of January. That is, assuming I have my laptop back by then (it's in the shop for a mend). Exams are looming - Lasers and Plasma physics, and I just don't have time. Sorry. (I also lack internet access)

I did manage to get in to uni early this morning to catch the House episode last night (6x11 'The Down Low'), so expect a squee-rant (it's both I tell you) sometime within the next couple of weeks.
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ARGHH can't fix this annoying shift. *frooooooooooown*

*pokes coding*
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Hrmm... I didn't think I'd be doing this so soon.

My apologies to all those I may be removing from my friend's list, but I'm not feeling all that comfortable with people whom I haven't had much contact with being able to read my private entries, and in some cases, I thought I was clicking on the "Watch" button instead and simply couldn't be arsed to correct my mistake. To those people, I apologise.

If I friended you for reasons of keeping up with your literary/art endeavours, rest assured that your journals are still in my favourites bookmarks, which I check up on at least once a week. ;)

Oh, and before I forget, Merry Christmas~! (^.^)"/"
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This program, written in C, allows to to print π to however many decimal places you want and also tells you at the end the computing time.

The original source code was gleaned from the following link (piclassic.c), and was written by Pascal Sebah.

The algorithm coding plus notations as to the improvements made )
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WTF happened to my layout? DD8

Arrrrgh. This better be a server error or I'll have to re-up everything manually. >_<

Edit: Ah. Custom External Stylesheet webpage has expired... Will program everything in later when I get home (has coding saved, thank gawd).
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D: I just accidentally deleted my entire Anime and Manga bookmarks folder on Firefox.

Arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~ x__________x


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