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Do read this conversation if you bear any passing interest in cars. I'm sure you'll understand why I've disowned a friend of mine. :P I am by no means an expert, but I know enough to know when to start drooling.

Gorgeous beasts... )

In any case, this was the advert that first introduced me to my dream car. I SHALL HAVE YOU ONE DAAAAYYY~~~~~~ *RAISES FISTS TO THE SKY*


Feb. 27th, 2008 11:24 am
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So apparantly a male friend of mine thinks that if guys could get pregnant, there wouldn't be half as much fuss or complaining about it as women do.


Friend: "Yeah. If guys had to have babies, we would get it done within six months flat. None of this nine months nonsense."
Me: "Six months? Wouldn't that be premature?"
Friend: "Nope. We'd just get everything done quicker. Full term. Six months. And not half as much complaining either."
Me: "I'm wondering how you would cope with the pain of labour and giving birth when guys act like they're dying every time they have the common cold."
Friend: "We don't complain half as much as you women!"
Me: "Only for certain things..." (facepalm) "Ignoring the rules of science--"
Friend: "This is a 'what if' discussion. In this discussion, guys can get pregnant."
Me: "I'm talking about the 'six months' thing, not the gender issue. What about back pain then? You'd have to suffer a bad back."
Friend: (pompously) "No problem. I can handle a bad back for a few weeks."
Me: "Months."
Friend: "No, if the term is only six months then I'd only suffer it for a few weeks."
Me: "You have to bloody WADDLE in order to walk during towards the end of your term."
Friend: "I can handle waddling."
Me: "You couldn't smoke..."
Friend: "I don't smoke anyway."
Me: (deliberately "forgetting" the six months thing) "You couldn't drink alcohol for nine months."
Friend: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (<-- completely forgot)

XDv I win.

And later:

Me: "It just came to me..."
Friend: (depressed) "What?"
Me: "You'd have to get pregnant in the first place. That means someone had to GET you pregnant."
Friend (<-- slightly homophobic): "..." (referring to conversation) "I brought this on myself..."



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