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Do read this conversation if you bear any passing interest in cars. I'm sure you'll understand why I've disowned a friend of mine. :P I am by no means an expert, but I know enough to know when to start drooling.

Friend: "Man, what I wouldn't give for some good American muscle. So expensive though..."
Me: "Well, they sure are beautiful things to behold... Gorgeous beasts..."
Friend: "... But?"
Me: "But what?"
Friend: "There's a 'but' coming on - I can hear it in your voice."
Me: "Well, Jesus. Think of the fuel consumption those cars have. The word 'economy' doesn't even factor."
Friend: "Honestly though, if you bought one of those cars, you wouldn't be buying it for fuel economy."
Me: "True. You could just remodel the engine, or replace it entirely."
Friend: "D: But that would defeat the entire point of buying a classic car!"
Me: "Not if you're just admiring their stellar looks and not going for an absolute collectors' original. In that case it's just the surface you'd need to worry about. Just buy a good quality shell or something and outfit the engine with a modern one."
Friend: "But you'd miss the hum, the roar, the blaze of the engine as your floor the pedal!"
Me: "Just preferences I suppose; I'd love a classic, but I seriously would cringe at the fuel economy, or lack thereof. Beauty matters, I'm not denying that. If you're just going to be superficial then humans do it all the time, and the reason is that people who are 'good looking' supposedly have more desirable genes, hence we make more allowances and are more forgivable of them for their behavioural transgressions - think movie stars and heartthrobs - but again, that's just surface. They could very well have rotten personalities. I'd like someone, or a car, that both looks awesome and has a good engine, or y'know... a guy with stellar looks and isn't a douchebag."
Friend: "..."
Me: "... Sorry... I rambled..."
Friend: "Yeah. Did you seriously just use the word douchebag?"
Me: "Yeah erm..."
Friend: "Who even says that anymore?!"
Me: "Shuddup, man! Not my fault; been watchin' too much Supernatural."
Friend: "Super... Oh, hey! Isn't that the TV show with the two brothers who hunt ghosts and all that and have that sweet, sweet ride?"
Me: "The 1967 Impala? Yeah."
Friend: "Oh, Jesus Christ, that's a pretty car."
Me: "Mmm, yeah. If I could own any classic car, it would either be the 1967 Chevy Impala or the 1969 Ford Mustang. My aim is to own a Mercedes SLK-class though."
Friend: "What's that?"
Me: "Hard-top convertible. Wanted one ever since I saw that advert back in 2004 or so with the dude driving in the desert being chased by greek-god-shaped storm clouds set to Rammstein."
Friend: "Nice. What do you drive now?"
Me: "Petrol Honda 5-door Civic."
Friend: "Before that?"
Me: "Still my first actually."
Friend: "Christ. That's kind of big for a first car."
Me: "Yeah, tell me about it. Trying to adjust to driving that thing after learning and passing in a tiny Nissan Micra diesel was horrible. Stalling all over the place I tell you because it's heavy but only has a 1.4L engine. And then I stalled even more because arseholes would honk at me and make me nervous, even though I clearly had R-plates on display."
Friend: "You mean 1.6?"
Me: "No, I mean 1.4. It was a demo, so got it for cheaps. Downside is the 1.4, ergo, much stalling."
Friend: "Kinda sucks. I never have to deal with that anymore though."
Me: "Really, how come?"
Friend: "Well I drive automatic now."
Me: "WHAT? D: Did you learn with AT?"
Friend: "No, I passed MT but have been driving a Seat AT for the past two years."
Me: "But... but WRRRY? DD8"
Friend: "Just easier! 8D"
Me: "... You are dead to me..."

In any case, this was the advert that first introduced me to my dream car. I SHALL HAVE YOU ONE DAAAAYYY~~~~~~ *RAISES FISTS TO THE SKY*


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