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It's taken me a while and I apologise for that, but my 5 days in the city of Osaka honestly ranked among the best in my life and I did not want to take them lightly. In that short amount of time, Osaka managed to change my current target city from Tokyo to itself and took my heart hostage along the way. It doesn't seem inclined to release it anytime soon.

I met people. People whom until that moment I had only known on LJ. People whom I have a feeling will be intertwined with my life from now onwards and for the unforseeable future. People whom I would be honoured to call my friends, perhaps even family, and whom are as insane as me (and that's saying a lot). I finally met Nanani. Dearest Nanani, the only Chocobo capable of flight I know, and without whom this trip would not have been possible. Nanani who lent this Phoenix her nest for 5 days and whom bent backwards to show me a good time in her city. She succeeded beyond anything I could have hoped for.

But that's enough of the melodramatic twaddle. It's better to get straight to my memories of my stay in Osaka. Not much happened during the first day but it remains vivid nevertheless. It may be full of meaningless unimportant facts, but those are to me what made the trip so personal.


Jun. 20th, 2008 02:45 am
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Yeah, when I said earlier that it was finally getting easier and the pangs where dying away? Yeah.


I still miss everyone like mad.
Nanani, Din, Blueparfait, Bohemianbeauty, Cyberbird, Bridgette, Hiro, Hitomi... T___T
My life feels so much fuller with them, though it kinda hurts now that they're not around me in person.

Gatta keep up the determination! *shakes fist weakly*


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